Old Quarry

Objection Submissions


In 1997 Gosford City Council (GCC) bought a parcel of land from a former mayor for approximately $850 000. GCC minutes indicate the intended purpose for purchase was for Coastal Open Space System (COSS) usage.
739536205424078.jpg?r=0.3732660199172252710727722179976.jpg?r=0.2585606231831742The aquisition included an old quarry,recommendations to acquire the land as part of COSS also recommended that usage of the quarry on site be investigated for short term use after which time it would be remediated costing approximately $60 000.
What is COSS710727722179976.jpg?r=0.2585606231831742
The Gosford City Council's Coastal Open Space System (COSS) is anetwork of bushland reserves set aside and managed for their natural beauty and nature conservation value.

Council document "COSS strategy 2010" 
The Coastal Open Space System (COSS) is an important feature of the Gosford Local Government Area, is one of the community's premier natural assets, and contributes to the quality of life of the local community
The COSS contributes to nature conservation on a local, regional, state and national level by providing habitat for endangered species of plants and animals as well as ecological communities.


In addition, COSS lands protect local landscapes, as well as sites and items of cultural and heritage value. Infrastructure within the COSS provides opportunities for a range of nature based recreational activities that are compatible with the values of the reserves. The COSS is also regularly used for environmental education activities by local and visiting school groups; and for scientific investigation and the study of aspects of reserve management by staff and students from tertiary institutions (from GCC website)

What Transpired 
15 years down the track, GCC has yet to remediate the COSS funded land & has in fact continued to use the quarry on and off as a quarry and to stockpile council materials. Council has also indicated that it has used it to recycle concrete, & wood.

Now council wants to upscale its recycling activity and stockpile road base bitumen & concrete then crush this on site. GCC also wants to stockpile green waste on the same site. GCC needs the COSS funded land to be rezoned in order to do this. These pictures (15/11/2012) show GCC has already begun, there is already a lot of concrete dust blowing around!


Recycling is Great - But Why in a RESIDENTIAL AREA? 
GCC should be applauded in attempting to recycle this type of material; however the location is absurdly inappropriate. There must be better suited, safer & less controversial locations.

Nestled in bushland at the top of a ridge off Clarence Rd Springfield NSW. Residential estates are within close proximity to the site on two sides & bushland surrounds other sides.

To exit the site, trucks traverse down a steeped driveway and then to turn right onto Clarence Rd must giveaway to their left and right, visibility both ways is poor. Opposite is the side of a family home 8-10 meters away. Up to 20 trucks a day will use this route. It is outrageous to consider crushing concrete so close to residential homes. These activities should take place in industrial zoned areas.


These activities are not appropriate;

    • in COSS zoned land
    • so close to residential homes
    • on top of a ridge where concrete particles will be blown into the air and inhaled by people and animals and washing down into river systems

The risk of stockpiling wood and green waste within the middle of bushland is insane. All reports indicate that the risk of & intensity of bushfires is very high this year. Residents in the estate off Clarence Rd have one way out of the estate, if a bushfire started in the Quarry, residents would probably be trapped. Residents in other nearby estates are in the same position.

Clarence Rd
Clarence Rd is the single point of entry for approximately 1000 residents.
The road is steep and very narrow.


The state of the road is an embarrassment to the council!
The road all the way from the bottom to the top of the quarry is crumbled on the edges & riddled with patched potholes. After it rains the patches are gone & the holes reappear.
Schoolchildren walking down the road to the bus-stop must weave onto the road from driveway to driveway, trying not to trip over drains or slip on loose gravel, while looking over their shoulders to see if there are cars coming down the hill.


Main Issues

    • Deceptive usage of COSS funds
    • Inappropriate use of COSS land
    • Implications for other COSS zoned land throughout the Central Coast
    • Clarence Rd; safety, increased traffic, instability
    • Health of residents and community
    • Pollution; noise, toxic concrete dust, concrete leeching
    • Fire hazard from green waste stockpiling



What Can You Do?

  1. Write a personalised letter to Gosford City Council which can be
    • emailed to GCC:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • posted to GCC: Gosford City Council, PO Box 21, Gosford NSW 2250
  2. Phone & email individual councillorsGCC Councillor contact information
  3. Get involved & follow the debate on Facebook:SpringfieldQuarryGroup
  4. Let friends and family know.
  5. Contact the Springfield Residents Association for more information - 4323 9116 (Gail) 

This is not just a localised Springfield issue. Potential environmental & health issues may be experienced by other surrounding suburbs. 
Let Gosford City Council know that the people of the Central Coast will not stand to have their COSS land treated this way!